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Tips For choosing a food dehydrator and why

A healthy way of cooking or storing food for longer than normal without losing qualities is through the use of a food dehydrator.

These products are widely used in recipes, as long as their preparation does not exceed 45 degrees centigrade, more or less, although there are those who use them to make pizza bases, breads, various masses and endless options, as long as they are known to have Patience to understand that this type of "oven" is not so fast, although it is healthier.

Buy the best food dehydrator

Before buying a dehydrator you have to take into account some aspects, starting with the fact that it is not a typical oven, although it serves to work different and very varied preparations.

food dehydrator

food dehydrator

Therefore, it is necessary to know what its operation: It is an element that heats an air chamber, in which food is placed, and maintains the temperature for long periods of time.

Thanks to this it is possible to the right food dehydrator eliminate the water that is in the different foods, and in this situation the fungi, the bacteria and the yeast, for example, can not ferment. Some foods lower their size once subjected to this process and can be recovered later only with added water, ideal for vegetables.

Once you know its functions you must know that the variety of models, brands, sizes and prices is quite wide, therefore, you must take into account the use that will receive the product to choose one that sticks to the functions that are intended Put, so that you do not end up spending more money than necessary.